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Serving Maine , New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts 

Welcome to Bear River Property Services

At Bear River Property Services, we've redefined the art of poison ivy and invasive vine removal, setting the gold standard for a more ecologically sound approach. We're here to share with you the wisdom of our manual removal methods and why we've chosen to embrace this hands-on approach over chemical treatments.

The Power of Precision:
We've opted for a manual approach to the removal of poison ivy and other invasive vines for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, our method ensures precision. Controlled spraying, while sometimes effective, can inadvertently spill over into the surrounding area, leaving your yard marred by damaged patches that require additional care and expense.


Rooted in Responsibility:
Additionally, even after chemical treatments, there's the lurking presence of what can amount to up to three-quarters of the remaining organism, stealthily hidden underground. Our manual removal process isn't just about taking care of what you can see; it's about addressing the problem at its core.

A Solution That Thrives:
At Bear River Property Services, we're dedicated to providing a holistic solution to both of these issues. Our manual approach allows us to address the problem with precision, leaving your yard unscathed and ensuring that the lurking underground remnants are removed. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, leaving you with a solution that thrives long after we've completed our work.

We invite you to explore our services further and discover how our manual removal process not only reclaims your outdoor spaces but also safeguards the environment.

Welcome to Bear River Property Services, where we nurture your outdoor world with a hands-on approach.

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